Author’s guideline

Articles should be prepared in Polish or English languages.

The text should be submitted in writing, in electronic form. Electronic texts can be sent by e-mail.

At the end of the article written in English there should be a summary of about 0,5 of a page in Polish or English.

As the basic letter form (font) you are supposed to use Times New Roman, 12 point.
The text should be prepared with a 1.5 line space and left and right margins.
The length of articles is limited to 16 author’s pages.

The bibliographic data in the text are included in the following manner: (Wierzbicka 1999: 13).

The list of literature should be included at the end of the text in accordance with the samples provided.

The authors are kindly asked to strictly observe the set form, i.e. the order of the data:
A. Wierzbicka, 1999, Język – umysł – kultura, Warszawa.
I. Bajerowa, 1977, Aktualne problemy polityki językowej, „Socjolingwistyka” 1.
S. Gajda (red.), 2008, Tożsamość a język w perspektywie slawistycznej, Opole.
B. Walczak, 2008, Tradycja i nowoczesność – względność antynomii, w: E. Woźniak (red.), Tradycja a nowoczesność, Łódź.